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A heat pump is an ideal solution for your homes or office comfort in any climate. This is because it is intelligently-designed to operate as a hybrid. During those hot days of the summer, a heat pump will drain out heat from your house to the outside, and during the freezing winter days, it reverses the process to draw heat to your room. Therefore with a heat pump properly installed in your home, your family enjoys optimal comfort all year round. In a nutshell, we can say a heat pump is a heating and cooling system all in one.

Types of heat pumps. Air-source heat pump.

An Air-source heat pump exploits the physical properties of the refrigerant (a chemical used in the heat pumps that changes from gas to liquid and vice versa by either absorbing or losing heat). As a result, during the hot days, it drains heat from your home or office to the air outside thus cooling the room. It is an efficient way of cooling or heating the room and conserves more energy as compared to other systems. The efficiency is brought about by the fact that the heat is just transferred rather than converted.

Ground-source heat pump.

A ground-source works in a more advanced way as opposed to the air-source. The ground-source draws heat to and from the ground in an underground hollow. The design is more energy-efficient as compared to the air since ground temperatures are more stable throughout the year. This helps to cut down on your bills by reducing operational costs.

Benefits of a Heat Pump.

  • As mentioned earlier, a heat pump has many advantages as we shall now see:
  • Extremely quiet: unlike the traditional systems, the heat pump is mute in its operation.
  • Energy efficient: with a heat pump, your heating bills are cut by over 40% of what you spent on other traditional heating and cooling systems.
  • Healthy- a heat pump is excellent in regulating and maintain the indoor humidity at the recommended levels.
  • Heat pumps provide uniform heating with no fluctuations whatsoever or dry air as is a common observation with other systems.

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